Peter Kay, Assistant Attorney General — does he represent the level of “integrity” we must accept from our chief lawyer?

When I saw our WA State Assistant Attorney General, Peter Kay, engaging in reprehensible conduct in the State’s legal tactics to remove children from their parents, I had to intervene. You can read this article for background. Scheidler files to intervene in CPS custody case Well, as is the usual custom when our “legal establishment” […]

RICO violations include WA State Bar employees Linda Eide, Lin O’ Dell, and Alison Sato, and Snohomish County public officials and one Court of Appeals Div. I Judge

A RICO and 42 USC 1983 complaint will be filed against the government officials above in US Fed Court . . . we are shooting for Monday as a filing date. writes Gold Bar Reporter, Anne Block. We here at have reported before on Anne’s efforts to expose and fight corrupt public servants who […]

The corrupt WA State Bar is under attack again, by Anne Block, ex-lawyer!

Anne Block is a lawyer AND an “investigator/journalist for the Gold Bar Reporter. When Anne Block reported on criminal conduct by government officials, specifically John Pennington, who was an appointee by former disgraced Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon, John Pennington filed a WA State Bar Grievance against Anne Block. And as true to form, the […]

Kitsap Superior Court Judge, Kevin Hull’s competence under attack.

Once again Superior Court Judge Kevin Hull is under attack. This time for violating the ‘sovereign immunity’ of Indian Tribes. Judge Hull is presiding over the custody hearing (battle) that pits spouse against spouse, child against child, child against parent, parent against child, State against families, public servants against the public, and the law against […]

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