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and who is responsible.

Bill Scheidler FUTURE Candidate for WA State Legislature, 26th District,

Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Matt Shea are mingling! Naughty, naughty.

Both Senator Steve O’Ban and Representative Matt Shea are just two of many judicial branch lawyers who have invaded our legislature. This “mingling” of judicial branch ‘agents’ with legislative and executive branch obligations is, in my opinion, DANGEROUS. While I don’t know either lawyer, O’Ban or Shea, or have knowledge of their character, of the […]

Anne Giroux seeks Article 4, Sec 9 REMOVAL of Judges James Orlando; Elizabeth Martin; Kitty- Ann van Doorninck

Who is Anne Giroux? Well…. in a paragraph. K.K., Anne’s child, was born with a heart condition that was not diagnosed until years later when he, in his teens, had a heart attack. Frequently in poor health and under pharma care, a heart operation was performed at some point to correct the defect. KK continued […]

DRAFT: Class complaint against WA Bar Association for RICO. Want your ideas and arguments


The WA State Bar is a racketeering organization cloaked as WA State’s Judicial Branch — WE ARE ALL IN PERIL This is a “live web page” which means it will be updated as fast as I’m able to write, program, and publish content. In drafting this Class Action Complaint against WA State, all your ideas […]

Criminal Complaint filed against David Ponzoha, Clerk, Court of Appeals Division II – Notice of Hearing

PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDAR AND PLAN ON ATTENDING. On November 19, 2014, Bill Scheidler, chief activist at, filed a ‘citizens criminal action’, under Criminal Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction, rule 2.1(c) against David Ponzoha, clerk of the Court of Appeals Division II, for violations of RCW 2.32.050(4) refusal to file papers delivered to […]

When you peel back the layers of corrupt Government, at the core of the rotten onion you find lawyers

Anne Block, ex-lawyer and journalist, learned how corrupt government officials of the city of Gold Bar WA were scamming taxpayers and those citizens who were poor or disadvantaged for profit. When Anne began reporting about these Gold Bar officials the WA State Bar and even WA State Supreme Court justices began a campaign of defamation […]

Scientist have found the fundamental particle responsible for it all….

New Element Found! This post is the exact article found at *** FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **** ************************************************************ Scientists at CERN in Geneva have announced the discovery of the heaviest element yet known to science. The new element Governmentium (Gv). It has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons and 198 assistant deputy neutrons […]

Connecticut Family Court Judges Out Of Line

scales of justice a tilt

Connecticut Family Court Judges Out Of Line   Divorce in Connecticut is a very big issue, a very lengthy, emotionally, mentally, physically and financially draining. With innocent children involved it becomes a money making market for many, G.A.L’S (guardian ad litem’s) A.M.C’S (attorney for minor child) attorney’s, therapist’s and the “pay per view” visitation. It […]

High Risk Swat Team Raid Ted Taupier’s Home For Guns


High Risk Swat Team Raid Ted Taupier’s Home For Guns   Connecticut gun owner told Guns and Patriots that his civil rights were stripped from him by an anti-gun judicial branch and a soon-to-be ex-wife who is uncomfortable with him owning guns. “High risk SWAT team rolls in and takes all my guns,” said Edward […]

Snohomish County Corruption: Microcosm of WA State Corruption

As more and more people share their horror stories in how they have been defrauded by government officials, investigative reporters Anne Block and Brandia Taamu piece the pieces together to form a high resolution picture — and it is revealing how the legal establishment is the puppet master pulling the strings of their hand-picked cronies […]

Dr. Charles Heckman, Part Two — Vet, Hero, Whistleblower: No good deed goes unpunished

Dr. Charles Heckman

Dr. Charles Heckman, a resident of Olympia, WA, displays all the personal characteristics what ‘we the people’ view as noble, exemplary, and courageous. And what Dr. Heckman experienced from our “public servants”, which include a familiar bad-actor – Judge Ronald B. Leighton, can only be described as absolutely disgusting and vile. This is Part Two […] – At the forefront in the fight against the governmental ‘kidnapping of our children for money.”

Please-sign-the-petition-for-the-children – Taking Corruption to a whole new level. Certified ADAAA advocate and reporter at, Courtney has been fighting for families, children, the disabled victimized by corrupt court appointed guardians and the state agencies such as DCF, CPS, DCYS, DCYF, DCFS Children and Family Services…. Of course these despicable people are operating in such […]

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