Kitsap Rifle and Revolver Club is in the Crosshairs of Kitsap County’s weapons

The Kitsap Rifle & Revolver Club [KRRC] was formally organized on Armistice Day, November 11, 1926 “For Sport and National Defense“, and provides a controlled environment for individuals to responsibly exercise their God given right to keep and bear arms. KRRC offers a wide variety of activities for firearms enthusiasts/owners/users. The Club applied for and … [Read more…]

Selected comments from readers who send me emails that merit discussion.

Nearly every day I get emails from our readers telling me what horrors they’ve endured at the hands of corrupt judges and lawyers. And I’ve decided to publish some for everyone’s information. Since these are emails to me, I’ll protect the “author”, but their comments, ideas, and stories should be told. What I discovered in … [Read more…]

Another lawyer, Grant Degginger, moved into a decision-making government position.

There are two arguments that demand legislators put a stop to lawyers occupying positions in the legislative/executive/administrative branches of government: 1) they are “judicial Branch” officers, and 2) they are untrustworthy. See Gallup Poll of “honest and ethics” in professions. Lawyers rank in the bottom 25% of people you can trust. Now another lawyer, Grant … [Read more…]| Legal writer editor researcher WANTED is looking for an experienced legal writer/editor/researcher – on an as needed basis. Our mission is to aggressively prosecute corrupt government officials who betray our trust — Clearly the workload is enormous. We can use help in drafting legal papers, editing, and helping with research too. For those who are interested in promoting the … [Read more…]

Dr. Richard Cordero offers tips to pro se litigants.


Judges do wrong in such regular, widespread, and coordinated fashion as to have turned wrongdoing into their institutionalized modus operandi and the Judiciary into the safe haven for judicial wrongdoers. Their abuse of power entrusted to them by We the People is a betrayal of trust. Engaging in it and giving priority to covering it … [Read more…]

The WA State Bar: sued again for civil rights violation, unconstitutional practices… says Stephen Eugster, ESQ.

On March 12, 2015, Stephen Eugster, a Spokane area lawyer filed a lawsuit against the WA State Bar, (WSBA) and the following individuals: ANTHONY GIPE, President, WSBA, in his official capacity; WILLIAM D. HYSLOP, President-elect, WSBA, in his official capacity; PATRICK A. PALACE, Immediate Past President, WSBA, in his official capacity; and PAULA LITTLEWOOD, Executive … [Read more…]

BREAKING NEWS: John Pennington TERMINATED from Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management reports GOLD BAR REPORTER

John Pennington photo

BREAKING NEWS: TERMINATED from Snohomish County Dept of Emergency Management, an insider says – GOLD BAR REPORTER. The reports that John Pennington has been terminated as Director of Emergency Management.. The corrupt city of Gold Bar WA is a microcosm of the corruption in many WA State cities and counties. For the past 6-years … [Read more…]

Candidates Wanted|Sole qualification — willingness to remove from office those public servants who betray our trust. | Corrupt Washington

Candidates Wanted|Sole qualification — willingness to remove, from office, those public servants who betray our trust. | Corrupt Washington. Next year is another election for WA State Legislative District 26 and we want to get people to run for these legislative positions. Jesse Young, the incumbent needs to be replaced as well as incumbent, Michelle … [Read more…]

Anne Block|City of Duvall engaged in RICO activities

Investigative Reporter Anne Block,, has filed a Claim for Damages against the city of Duvall in the amount of $1M dollars for threats made by Duvall employee and police officer Lori Batoit to Block’s investigators and for violations of Block’s civil rights. Anne Block has been investigating Snohomish County Director of Emergency Management, John … [Read more…]

The WA State Bar — the Criminal Enterprise through the eyes of Rosemary Kamb, Esq. | Corrupt Washington

Court Appointed Guardians, abusing the elderly, WA State Bar’s Office of Disciplinary Counsel, WA State Bar’s Board of Governors, half-truths, lies, fabricated evidence …. It is the same story of how lawyers and judges have ruined our “judicial system” … and this story is told by a lawyer, Rosemary Kamb. Lawyers don’t like to be … [Read more…]

Federal 9th circuit says activist Scheidler prevails, sort of, in suit against Kitsap County.


Bill Scheidler, chief activist here at has been a warrior for WA State Citizens for the past 16 years. While the fight to protect citizens from the overreaching powers of government has been long, painful and expensive, the occasional success rekindles the hope that all is not lost. In an unpublished “Memorandum” the Federal … [Read more…]

Tampa Bay Times|Guardianship horror stories may lead to change … will WA State Legislators follow suit?

Guardianship horror stories may lead to change | Tampa Bay Times. Sugar claims the guardian and lawyers, in cahoots with the courts and his wife’s siblings, siphoned millions from Stern’s accounts while keeping her isolated from him and his wife. Once again… at the core of our corrupt government are lawyers and judges. Well now … [Read more…]

Governments “just powers” — who decides? RECALL of Judge Holman moves to Supreme Court!

The petition to recall Judge Stephen Holman moves to the WA State Supreme Court. Early last week, Judge Frank Cuthbertson “dismissed” a citizens petition to recall Judge Holman. Judge Frank Cuthbertson ruled that it is the “courts” function to protect “public officials” from insufficient allegations contained in a petition for the recall of any elected … [Read more…]