Breaking: Ninth Circuit Suggests Perjury Charges For Lying Prosecutors | Observer

At long last, judges seem willing to hold prosecutors accountable for lying and so-called ‘cooperation’ deals Source: Breaking: Ninth Circuit Suggests Perjury Charges For Lying Prosecutors | Observer The Court is considering “Perjury charges for lying prosecutors” ????? Com’mon, why in the United States of America has this question become a debate? If there is … [Read more…]

The National Liberty Alliance – The largest organized effort fighting legal corruption


I’ve been following the progress of John Darash and the organization he founded, The National Liberty Alliance, for a few years as they work to bring ‘reform’ to our corrupt legal system. Over those years Darash has attracted ten’s of thousands of loyal supporters and people dedicated to the cause and willing to put their … [Read more…]

Independence Day — A look back in history| Washington, 1889

It is precisely because we celebrate our Independence this weekend that I was motivated to learn about Washington State’s early history that led to the ratification of our Washington State Constitution. In fact our Constitution mandates, at ARTICLE 1, SECTION 32 FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES, A frequent recurrence to fundamental principles is essential to the security of … [Read more…]

Scheidler continues in the battle to protect the “people” from corrupt government servants

Every day government is encroaching upon individual rights and freedoms. And at the center of governments attack upon us, as in an attack on WE the PEOPLE, are lawyers. The sad fact is “lawyers”, through the Washington State Bar Association, have commandeered our judicial branch of government. By taking over our ‘judicial branch’ they obtain … [Read more…]

Why is the WA State Bar paying these people and businesses? Is it to increase the WSBA’s political POWER?

Find out who may be at the core of the ‘rotten onion’. Why is the Washington State Bar paying $2.5 Million to these people and businesses? What is the WA State Bar’s agenda besides “regulating the practice of law”… and who are those being paid to “regulate” OR NOT REGULATE, as is the case here … [Read more…]

WA State’s public servants declare WAR on citizens and the WA Constitution!

WA State Government, under the control of “public servants”, have declared themselves the NEW GOVERNMENT of WA. And in this NEW GOVERNMENT of WA, we “THE PEOPLE” are these public servants’ play-toys. This is exactly the argument the WA State’s Attorney General (AGO) (representing public servant Kay Slonim), the Kitsap County Prosecutor (representing public servants … [Read more…]

Our guest: Bill Scheidler, Chief Activist at CorruptWA 06/14 by Marti Oakley | Family Podcasts

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW … CLICK HERE Join us as Bill Scheidler talks about his efforts to hold the Washington state BAR Assoc. and the judiciary accountable for the corruption which is rampant in that system.  Bill has filed a RICO lawsuit exposing the corruption at all levels, and the protection racket that keeps it … [Read more…]

Cleveland group seeks arrests of officers involved in Tamir Rice shooting |

Finally… people are beginning to stand together against corruption.  I’ve been PLEADING with Port Orchard “Clergy” to do exactly what just occurred in Cleveland….  At least the Cleveland clergy have the stomach to practice what they preach. CLEVELAND, Ohio — Eight clergy members and community activists filed court papers Tuesday seeking the arrest of two … [Read more…]

WA State Bar declares WAR on WA State Citizens


Kristen Schimpff, WSBA #31299, Assistant General Counsel for the WA State Bar claims that “The lawyer discipline system exists for the protection of the public…” and Scheidler’s RICO complaint against the WA State Bar for the Bar’s failure to “discipline corrupt lawyers” must be dismissed claiming that he “has no legally cognizable right to a … [Read more…]

Please help — A judge is killing my mother


Barbara Stone is another courageous lawyer who is speaking out against our ‘corrupt judicial system’ – the Bar Associations. And like all “mafia” enterprises the Bar Association is retaliating against Ms. Stone for exposing their corruption. This is her story as she tells it in a letter and pleadings filed in her case. Barbara Stone … [Read more…]

One MAN vows his life, his family’s life to a “JURY”!

Jimi O’Hagan is a noble man who has worked hard all is life to provide for his family and his community. As a farmer, a cranberry farmer, Jimi has worked his family farm for many years. He has paid his taxes, he has employed people from his community and has selflessly given back to his … [Read more…]