Bill Scheidler FUTURE Candidate for WA State Legislature, 26th District,

Bruce Boussard, host of public access TV, and Bill Scheidler, activist with, discuss public corruption.


Next Sunday, August 31, 2014 [This show has been delayed due to an emergency and will be rescheduled when possible], at 5PM, TV host and activist, Bruce Boussard invites Bill Scheidler for a discussion on the root causes of public corruption. Mr. Boussard is a political figure and TV host of Oregan Voter’s Digest. He […]

WA State Bar grievance filed against Candidate State Representative, Nathan Schlicher. UPDATE 8-22-2014

Nathan Schlicher, ESQ.

August 22, 2014First: The WA State Bar’s, Felice Congalton, dismisses grievance against fellow Bar member Schlicher.Second: Scheidler files objection and matter will be referred to WA State Bar for review. Today a WA State Bar Grievance was filed against Doctor AND LAWYER, Nathan Schlicher, for his dishonesty in trying to influence voters by providing materially […]

Senator Jan Angel invites Scheidler to cure misunderstandings.


Bill Scheidler, chief activist at, has been critical of those legislators who seem to disregard their oath by representing government employees rather then the people they should serve. Senator Angel didn’t escape Scheidler’s criticism and she invited Scheidler for a face-to-face to address any misunderstandings. The discussion concerned the following points and hopefully made […]

WA Representative Matt Manweller (R), calls Scheidler “stupid.”


Representative Matt Manweller, Ranking Republican 13th District, calls Scheidler “stupid”. Scheidler, in a third email to Washington State’s legislators asking for their comments on the class claim being initiated against WA State for the legislatures blind-eye towards the unlawful conduct committed by WA State Bar members of the Judicial Branch, none have answered except Jan […]

Peter Kay, Assistant Attorney General — does he represent the level of “integrity” we must accept from our chief lawyer? UPDATE!

UPDATE: The WA State Bar Association has answered the question “does Peter Kay, Esq., represent the level of “integrity” we must accept from our chief lawyer?”, and they say YES! According to Felice Congalton, associate director of the WSBA, it “appears” to her that Peter Kay’s conduct is not within the jurisdiction of the WA […]

RICO violations include WA State Bar employees Linda Eide, Lin O’ Dell, and Alison Sato, and Snohomish County public officials and one Court of Appeals Div. I Judge

A RICO and 42 USC 1983 complaint will be filed against the government officials above in US Fed Court . . . we are shooting for Monday as a filing date. writes Gold Bar Reporter, Anne Block. We here at have reported before on Anne’s efforts to expose and fight corrupt public servants who […]

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