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Bill Scheidler FUTURE Candidate for WA State Legislature, 26th District,

Is John Darash our present day Samuel Adams?

Today, New Year’s Day 2014, the “Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury”, which is the birth child of John Darash’s grassroots movement – The National Liberty Alliance, has laid down the gauntlet in their quest to reclaim our “justice system” from the grip of the legal establishment of lawyers, judges and law professors.

According to the filing, which is a Writ of Mandamus to the NY Supreme court, the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury has “indicted” the New York legal establishment of various crimes against the people and allege in their court filing the following:

Decency, security, and liberty alike demand that government officials obey the law. In a
government of laws, existence of the government will be imperiled if it fails to observe the law scrupulously. Crime is contagious, and when government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law, it invites every man to become a law unto himself. Therefore let We the People counsel BAR lawyers/judges everywhere, that they would be well advised to take note, that the 5th Amendment “is” Common Law, the Law of the Land, the state cannot diminish rights of the people, and that there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them. To reject this and do such violence is to war against the constitution which is an act of treason, and against that pernicious act “We the People” do resolutely set our face, and draw the line in the sand by the action of this mandamus, we will never capitulate and justice will prevail.

The Writ goes on with specific charges against Judicial officials in claiming the following:

We the People find you, Charles M. Tailleur, Supreme Court Judge, in contempt for failing to provide the documents numerated in the quo warranto dated November 4, 2013, and fine you 50 ounces of silver and command you again to answer the questions.
We the People find you, Charles M. Tailleur, Supreme Court Judge, in contempt for refusing to speak to a Common Law Grand Jury Board of Review when you had a duty to speak, concerning numerous violations of law, numerated below, and fine you an additional 50 ounces of silver, for a total fine for contempt of 100 ounces of silver.
1) RICO Act, 18 U.S.C. §1961-68
2) Felony rescue
3) Conspiracy against the constitution
4) High treason
5) §195.00 New York Penal Code, official misconduct;
6) §195.05 New York Penal Code, obstructing governmental administration in the second
7) §240.65 New York Penal Code, unlawful prevention of public access to records
8) §190.25(3) New York Penal Code, criminal impersonation in the second degree by
pretending to be a public servant without evidence of oath of office,
9) §190.65 New York Penal Code, scheming to defraud in the first degree by engaging in
systematic ongoing conduct with intent to defraud
10) §205.55 New York Penal Code, hindering prosecution
11) §205.60 New York Penal Code, hindering prosecution
12) §210.15 New York Penal Code, perjury [of oath] in the first degree
13) USC 18 §201 Bribery to influence any official act
14) USC 18 §341 – Frauds through postal service
15) USC 18 §2071 – willful and unlawful concealment
16) USC 18 § 2076 – Clerk is to file:
17) USC 18 § 2382 – Misprision of treason:
18) 18 USC §241; Conspiracy against rights:
19) 18 USC §242; Deprivation of rights under color of law:
20) 42 USC 1983; Civil action for deprivation of rights:
21) 42 USC 1985; Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights:
22) 42 USC 1985; Conspiracy to interfere with civil rights:
23) USC 42 §1986 – Action for neglect to prevent

Supreme Court, Greene County, Chief Clerk, Michelle Carrol has failed to perform her duties as required under penalty of NY and US codes.

Supreme Court, Greene County, Chief Clerk, Michelle Carrol has not taken an oath as required under New York State Constitution, nor has she been informed of her lawful duties.

Supreme Court, Greene County, Chief Clerk, Michelle Carrol has admitted verbally and in writing that she has entered into a conspiracy with A Gail Prudenti to obstruct judicial proceedings by obeying an unlawful order instead of performing her constitutional duties punishable under USC 18 §2071 (concealment) and USC 18 §2076 (clerk is to file) a formal criminal proceeding (True Bill dated October 11, 2013) It is your duty, being the Chief Supreme Court, Greene County Officer, to make sure said official proceeding moves forward under penalty of law.

We the People command you, Charles M. Tailleur, Supreme Court Judge, to perform said duty and to inform us of that action immediately, in writing by fax. You are not to answer through council, we find it repugnant and contemptuous for a servant to answer their employer through a third party when commanded to perform and give account of their office. YOU SHALL ANSWER TO THIS BODY DIRECTLY AND IMMEDIATELY ANY COMMUNICATIONS WITH THE INDICTED CONSPIRATORS CONCERNING THIS CASE OF CONSPIRACY AGAINST THE PEOPLE AND THEIR CONSTITUTION WILL BE INTERPRETED AS AN ACT OF TREASON.

Clearly these are “fighting words” that accuse the “legal establishment” of crimes against the people. This is ‘exactly’ what I have been reporting on and fighting against for the past 10 years – we have a ‘corrupt legal establishment that has commandeered our judicial br.

The “legal profession” is under attack because they have declared themselves above the law and threaten the peace.

Is John Darash’s revolution the beginning of America’s second bloody revolution? Or will the “legal establishment” relinquish their claim of our Judicial Branch?

At this link, you can read theWrit of Mandamus filed by the Unified New York Common Law Grand Jury.

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    1. Cinda, if you like the effort of John Darash, please pass on this story to all you know…. until ‘people’ learn just how unjust our justice system is these corrupt lawyers and judges will remain in the shadows and continue in their blatantly corrupt behavior.

  1. The attorneys, the judges, all members of a club of the most spiteful possessive individuals I have ever encountered. Catch them at some unscrupulous behind the tent at the carnival conduct and they despise you forever. They have monopolized the legal profession since day one. Demanding time consuming case Law all the time that alot of the time is either non specific or totally irrelevant. But it does prohibit most people from being able to donate that much time in research to a case, especially one surrounding judicial corruption which =they continually get away with it. knowing that there does not exist an attorney that will be more loyal to the client over the Judge or any fellow Bar member. They will throw ina few Latin phases just to keep you in the dark. Then if you appear to know whats going on, then they will just blatantly ignore you, violate your Right to a jury. ignore hard factual proof/evidence, violate required procedure regarding doctrines, State and Federal Rules of procedure. Ultimately make it clear that no pro-se is going to receive justice, fairness, the truth, respect, Due process, and especially nothing that even resembles a Jury, because they know what the result of that would be, which that would put an end to their corruption and control

  2. Hello Bill and a Happy New Year to you. Blessings in 2014!

    I’ve heard of John Darash via some NY’rs also fighting the good fight. In fact, I have his information printed here before me: National Liberty Alliance”. I agree with you about him, however, despite all good arguments and tactics, the solutions are still illusive. The greater the voice the better chance we have. You and others like you (I like to count myself in a smaller way) who are vocal, dedicated and committed, the greater chance we have to expose these rats, and they are rats of the lowest order. I believe in a network from Coast to Coast that will one day be a giant unified organization equipped to make a difference. The Internet is our greatest tool. Now having “preached” all that….lol, I wanted to make you aware of a publishing company called Indie. I have another friend in Las Vegas who has helped me in the past. He is a Crime Writer/Journalist very well educated in Organized Crime and criminals. His name is Dennis Griffin and you can find him on my Linkdin. He has a radio broadcast as well….if you need further info, just email me and I’ll gather all his info for you. He just sent me info on a piece published by a woman named Morgan…very interesting.

    Blessings again.

    Ann Masotti

    1. Hello Ann, best wishes to you too and, yes, the message will be delivered to everyone, here and abroad. The legal establishment of lawyers and law professors MUST return our “JUDICIAL BR” back to the people!

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