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  1. “Vendetta” shows how elected judiciaries fail and how judges, police, prosecutors and even court clerical staff turned institutions charged with maintaining ethical standards into criminal, personal interest groups”

    I know all too well now, this is true! I was studying to be a prosecuting attorney for WA State until the sexual abuse by an Everett (WA) Police Officer. Now I have NO DESIRE to be an Attorney (civil or criminal) I’ve seen first hand how CORRUPT the “Law” really is & I want nothing to do with it anymore. My dreams of becoming a Lawyer have been crushed, but at the same time, it was a blessing in disguise!

    The pure Hell I’ve suffered through trying to stop this abuse by our Police in our state has nearly taken my life many times over. Please feel free to find me at Miss Bren’s Law WA State 2014-ZERO TOLERANCE For ALL Police Sexual Misconducts- and you will understand what I am talking about.

    I think would enjoy reading Bob’s book….

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