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Will these corrupt lawyers find a new home? … the Jail Cell!

I view honesty as the most basic element in all relationships. When there is honesty, there is no fault in trying and failing… there is no fault in making a mistake… there is no fault in an unfortunate consequence. When there is ‘honesty’ civilized people will always recognize the “honest intentions and effort” regardless of the outcome.
On the other hand, no relationship can survive when there is dishonesty, deceit, and betrayal. For this simple principle — honesty — I have dedicated my life to weeding out those in positions of ‘trust’ who treat people in the most dishonest, deceitful and evil way because they are a DANGER TO A CIVILIZED SOCIETY.

The following lawyers have no concept of “truth nor honor” and they need to be removed from our society for the sake of its very survival.

At the center of it all is Lawyer Scott M. Ellerby of the firm Mills, Meyers, Swartling. He is defendant in my case against him for various violations of common law and statutory law. Lawyer Ellerby is a big shot with the WA State Bar and the WA State Supreme Court. Lawyer Ellerby is actually on the WSBA’s “ETHICS” committee. Because Lawyer Ellerby is so important to the “image” the legal establishment hides behind, this big-shot lawyer must be ‘sheltered’ from a “jury” and all the other lawyers must come to his aid to help hide Ellerby’s unlawful conduct.

Lawyer Larry Mills, past president of the firm Mills, Meyers, Swartling. Lawyer Mills is also a big-shot with the WA State Bar and the Supreme Court. He also must be protected by all the other lawyers to save the “image” of the profession.

Lawyer Jeffrey Downer, (past president) of the firm Lee Smart PS, Inc. Lawyer Downer has been hired by Mills Meyers Swartling to defend the conduct of lawyer Scott Ellerby. Lawyer Downer is nothing but a corrupt individual who thinks he is practicing law, when he is actually writing fiction.

Lawyer Russell Hartman (ret. Judge)… Russell Hartman is simply a good-ole-boy who walks the “party line” rather than abide by the constitution or common law tenets

Lawyer Joel Penoyar, Justice of the Court of Appeals (recently announced early retirement)…. This guy is a “in the full light of day” fraud!!! I suppose big shot Ellerby and big shot Mills get a good laugh when they hear how lawyer Joel Penoyar fabricated a complete case for their benefit. Then again maybe Penoyar has to march to the tune of Ellerby, Mills and the WA Supreme Court to help cover up the legal establishment’s criminal conduct.

Lawyer Kevin Hull, judge Kitsap Superior Court. He too is a “good-ole-boy” who walks the party line just like all the other judges.

Lawyer Felice Congalton, Associate Director of the WSBA,  who’s job is to shelter lawyers who are members of the WSBA from citizens who file grievances with the WSBA against a lawyer.

J. Reiko Callner, Executive Director of the Commission on Judicial Conduct…. she is simply the Felice Congalton of the CJC who’s job is to shelter judges from citizen complaints.

Lawyer Kristen Schimpff who’s job is to argue why lawyers who belong to the WSBA are “exempt from the law”. Ms. Schimpff claims only the WA State Supreme Court may discipline a lawyer and a citizen has no right of action because no court except the Supreme court has jurisdiction.   Of course until Felice Congalton “investigates” lawyers and reports them to the Supreme Court, the Court will never hear about a lawyers misconduct.

Lawyer Mary M Tennyson, of the WA State Attorney General’s Office, argues WA State Government officials are free to violate the law and are absolutely immune from any “civil or criminal” complaint.

Lawyer Jennifer Forbes, recently elected Judge of Kitsap Superior court… Jennifer Forbes, and there is no other way to say it, is simply an airhead and doesn’t know what planet she inhabits …this is well documented in the Kitsap Sun newspaper, which endorsed Forbes candidacy. Here’s an article about Forbes

And finally, the only NON LAWYER on this list, Clerk of the Court of Appeals II, David Penzoha, who has promoted himself “JUDGE” because he has clearly exceeded his statutory duties defined by RCW 2.32.050.


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  1. Well, I just wrote a grievance complaint for many ethical violations for our new President Elect, Anthony Gipe of the WSBA and his partner Dennis McGlothin of Olympic Law Group. We will see what happens or whether or not there conduct violations are reported on their professional record by the WSBA. I would assume since Gipe is in such a high position my grievance will not be taken seriously. If they choose not to publish their unethical and cirminal actions, I will be doing this myself. … and it’s not what these lawyers would wan the public to know.

  2. Thank you, there will be a hearing on Dennis McGlothin on March 19th to the Disciplinarian Committee, and I am hoping for the best. Mr. Anthony Gipe is still in the appeal process. I have not lost complete hope for the WSBA, as I believe they have a duty to protect the citizens of this state from serious past criminal actions involving conduct violations. Maybe I am completely naive, and if I am…. I do have a voice. Sometimes that can be much worse then a public record.

  3. Its called the WSBA’s CLOAK of PROTECTION. They all are aware of it and basically know well in advance as to just how far they are able to abuse the profession, the Law and the client. Then still be able to count on Congalton, and or the Fearless, Ethics Breathing Disciplinary Board providing the grievance would even make it that far. Same for a Judge with the CJC.

    Just like in my case where attorney Grahn was totally off the hook, screwing over multiple clients including my now ex-wife. But since Grahn knew he had made a mockery out of the Superior Court by continuing to practice Law while currently suspended from Practice by the Supreme court and the WSBA. But since those bungling corrupt spineless unaccountable unprofessional fools in the Superior Court Clerks Office had screwed up and not made all judges that Grahn would appear before aware of this, or if they did and now it was just the Judges letting Grahn get away with, it did not matter, the Superior Court was Liable for 100% of it , including anything that would have directly resulted from it.

    So Grahn & Cross both knew this well in advance, that is why they went ahead and flagrantly defrauded me of my Deed Release and then Just Flat out committed Grand theft of another $1500.00 of my cash in their “TRUST” account that they had already stolen thousands upon thousands from.

    But they knew that even with me flipping out, calling the Clerks Office daily after filing time and date stamped Motions for contempt, and a Emergency Motion to save the family home and my new Loan , my good credit from being destroyed by all of this, it did not matter. Because both Cross & Grahn Knew they had already gotten the Superior Court to sign the illegal Order stripping from my innocent kids their right to Child support from their mother, that had already been ordered by the very same Superior Court.

    So Cross & Grahn knew they were safe and could just steal this money too, plus what ever they were paid by my ex and who ever else for defrauding me , withdrawing from the case and leaving me ripped off and screwed over, refusing to comply with their own court drawn deal, and saving my ex. approx. $10,000.00 plus a stay in Jail for refusing to adhere to this court Order and remaining in Contempt for the better part of 2 years.

    So both attorneys knew that in order for the Superior Court to respond to both of these time & date Stamped filed Motions of mine, and for the Tac. Bar association to respond to my filed complaints, it would mean fronting off the Superior court who was liable for all of it. So they all just remain SILENT, GET THE Bankruptcy Court Clerks office, judge Snyder, Attorney Brian Lynch and attorney Desa Coniff and their attorney friends at the U .S. Trustees Office and at David M. Howe to just remain silent, and make damn sure not to help me or respond to my multiple Official written notice to them all notifying them of these 3 sep. Felony crimes being committed against me by the attorneys and my now ex-wife that were 100% responsible for me even being in bankruptcy court at all. The same Felony crimes that the Superior Court was notified about in writing and filed with the clerks office , but just allowed to be committed so as to protect their unprofessional gross negligence from direct liability for all of it.

    Hoping to herd me through bankruptcy , and my son’s illegally charging and wrongful Imprisonment that, I would be so burdened, over whelmed and scrambling to try and pay for the double amount house payments then raised to $3300.00 per month, right before they were raised 450% to $5326.12 per month, that I would not have the time or the money to be able to pursue any of them and get this horrendous flagrant theft and screw job corrected, and the court exposed and in line to pay for it all.

    And the attorneys were exactly right in their assessment of playing the odds and playing the Superior court that had placed themselves in that position.

    So when Grahn was finally disbarred for continuing to practice and not show up for that other clients child support case, they used that excuse to finally disbar Grahn. For THE RECORD. But the real reason why he got disbarred is because he ignored the WSBA, and the Supreme Court and Really pissed them off for taking advantage of the dumb ass mistakes by the Superior Court, and playing on them so he and Cross could commit Fraud, GrAND THEFT, AND GET AWAY WITH IT RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE SUPERIOR COURT AND THE TAC. BAR ASSOCIATIONS FACE. Making a mockery of the Superior Court, insulting the WSBA and the Supreme Courts authority like they had none at all, at least not enough to prevent Mr. Unstoppable Grahn from continuing this Illegal charade.

    Otherwise, they would have all just lied for and covered for Grahn like they do everyone else, and said to hell with the other client and her child support case, exactly like they do everyone else. Just like they did for Cross in the same case, and then Grahn again after he had already been disbarred for the same rule violations. That is why the Lawyers Fund and the Disciplinary Board were so reckless and desperate for me to go away and my case to be placed in the trash

    So Welden and Turner in the Fund, Defraud me just like the Dic. Board had just done when they dismissed my grievance against both of these crooks Grahn & Cross. For not only the same rule violations they disbarred Grahn for, but a truckload more violations on top of those.

    They accomplished 6 things, by committing fraud on me. They protected Cross, the Superior Court, the Supreme Court and themselves for never informing the parties who according to statute had a legal right to know and expect to be informed of Grahn practicing Law while unlicensed in their cases. They also protected Judge Armijo, Judge Snyder, attorney Brian Lynch(now Judge Lynch) and attorney Disa Coniff for not responding to Offcial filed and written notice that according to WSBA rule 8.3 they had Duty to act upon. Plus USC Tiltle 18 chap.9, sec 3057 sub. sec. 152-154 commanded the B.R. court to do the same thing and report this to the U.S. Attorneys office with the recommendation of a Grand Jury investigation. Plus they saved the superior court a ton of money and the Lawyers fund $288,712.36

    So if Grahn hadn’t placed the superior Court in that position by playing on the Superior Courts own Guilt concerning all of this, Grahn would still be licensed and practicing his style of Law to this very day, with a good butt chewing from the WSBA and Ron Carpenter.

    The WSBA and the CJC were both created to improve the publics opinion of the legal profession and silence al the complaints of fraud and theft, by giving the public false impression of an actual Board or Commission that was going to stick up for the innocent victims in the public and of these various attorneys and judges. But as we all know, that was the least of either the WSBA or the CJC real intentions. Just give the public some more if not even worse of a screw job than what had brought these victims to each of them in the first place, exactly like they have blatantly – flagrantly done to all of us.

  4. I know how you feel. IGNORED!! Just like most are.. IGNORED by the bar! I’ve suffered (and still am to this day!) from the same corruption, and now he’s running for office AGAIN! God help Snohomish County- June 28, 2011 GRIEVANCE AGAINST A LAWYER-Office of Disciplinary Counsel Washington State Bar Association 1325 Fourth Avenue, Suite 600 Seattle, WA 98101-2539. GRIEVANCE AGAINST A LAWYER.

    A Message from Mark Roe, Snohomish County Prosecutor… February 2014
    Dear Friends, For the past 27 years, it has been my honor to serve in the office of the Snohomish County Prosecutor. Thank you for trusting me to serve the last 4 1/2 years as your Prosecutor. I respectfully ask your support in seeking a second term.

    1. Hi Missbren, wanted to let you know that I found your comment about legal abuse (in the spam folder) and rightfully published it where you intended…. sorry for the delay and thank you for contributing to the web site and for the important work you do. Bill

  5. I tried to follow all of this, but as we know, cases can get complicated. It sounds awful. What has happened to me and my husband is beyond horrible, but it happened, it’s over, and can’t spend my life being bitter…. or these unethical and corrupt attorneys win by taking my happiness away. They took all my money, but they will never take my soul. What I do know, is that the public needs to know so they don’t do what they did to my family to others. Zachary Mosner, a conflict review officer, reviewed both of my grievances in the beginning. Both times he got my address incorrect, while refusing to talk or ask me for additional information. He claimed in one of his dismissal letters that one of the attorneys who had made my life miserable wasn’t the primary attorney. He blamed all the conduct violations on his partner, so our new president elect of WSBA, Anthony Gipe would not be held accountable. Again, I still have hope that justice will be served. All I have is hope at this point, and if I am denied to have a voice and these attorneys are not punished properly, the public will soon hear my story… every last detail! I will keep you all posted!

  6. Rebecca, because the “legal establishment” has a monopoly over our judicial branch it is very unlikely they will relinquish their power without a fight. The ‘legal establishment’ has had decades to put in place their organization that is designed to rape citizens of their assets, their children, the elderly.

    What is changing this dynamic is the Internet! We can now know that what we experience isn’t just an isolated occurrence of bad luck. But rather, know we share a widespread cancer that infects anyone who “looks to the justice system” for a fair, honest, and speedy remedy. We now know the legal establishment preys upon the notion of “JUSTICE” to commit unbelievable violence on people.

    This is why the POWER OF THE INTERNET and “instant communication” must be used to inform, educate, alert, expose these despicable public servants… so those who are in the battle to reclaim our justice system from the grip by the legal establishment gains support.

    This is why I ask that these stories by folks like you get passed around to your Facebook and LinkedIn contacts. The “legal enterprise” is well funded, already in control … but they are criminals and in being criminals they can be defeated in a lawful and just way…. I hope.

    Thanks for your contribution to expose the corruption in WA.


  7. Thank you Bill…. I will have to think long and hard if I expose these attorneys on other social networking sights. I risk another lawsuit, and I need to be prepared for this. There isn’t much for them to gain by suing me, so they would just add other people to their lawsuit like they did before. I spoke my mind in a 33 page, 44 exhibit appeal, and I will see what happens. I don’t have much faith, but I did the best I could to be heard. I have always been a well respected citizen of this state, by never committing a criminal crime in my life. I didn’t deserve to have all my assets ripped away in a defense by lawyers that had past proven and documented criminal felony acts and serious conduct violations. WSBA should have been telling me about these lawyers, while protecting the public from harm. They failed to do this the first time while innocent lives have been forever effected and seriously harmed. I can’t fathom they would allow them to go on. We will see…..

    1. I understand by firsthand experience … the “legal establishment” is intent on protecting their ‘turf’ and will attack anyone who poses a risk to their ‘enterprise’. Their tactics are to intimidate and ruin their opposition by any and all means at their disposal — and because they have commandeered our justice system, they will use judges, the Bar Associations and the Commission on Judicial Conduct to accomplish their campaign to dominate the conditions of society.

      These ‘tactics’ don’t work on me as “honesty” has more value than any material possession or creature comfort. I am ‘buckled in for the long and difficult fight’ against these corrupt lawyers and judges… and I’d appreciate if you would share my web site with as many others as you can. It is my belief that every ‘tool in the tool box’ needs to be utilized against the powerful legal establishment and “publicity” is an important tool.

      Thanks again for your courage! I hope those that read your comments and the comments of others motivates others to action against these criminals.

  8. Futhermore…. I just noticed that after I sent it my appeal on these attorneys and exposed their criminal activity on district court records, there whole law firm closed down. I am not sure why…. but the timing seems very weird. All attorneys are working elsewhere.

  9. HI Bill… I just got word from the WSBA, and the Review Committee ordered additional investigation with a 3 to 0 vote on my appeal regarding my grievance against Dennis McGlothin of Olympic Law Group. I am not sure what this means, but my appeal was not dismissed and they are following through and conducting a thorough investigation. Mr. Anthony Gipe, this States new President elect was his right hand man who tried to ruin my family and steal all of our assets. I am still holding out hope that they are both held accountable! I have made some progress, so I will keep my fingers crossed!!!

  10. Rebecca, good job for turning these guys in, because Anthony Gipe is as corrupted as they come. I couldn’t believe he was going to be the new president of the WSBA, until I found out he was the only one that ran for the position. Before Anthony Gipe started working for Olympic Law Group, he was partnered with Lindsey Thompson, which their firm was called Thompson & Gipe. Anthony Gipe’s partner was disbarred for stealing people’s money, and the firm was shut down. It’s no surprise that Anthony Gipe started employment with other dishonest lawyers, because this is how he practices. He is in the business of stealing other people’s money for his own advancement and abuses his legal power. I hope the WSBA wakes up and sees this guy for who he is. I will be following your post only wish you the best!!

  11. Dennis McGlothin bankrupted his law firm, Olympic Law Group which I am sure there is more to the story as to why they closed. Both Dennis McGlothin and Anthony Gipe are unethical and dishonest, and it is no surprise that WSBA chose Anthony Gipe to be their new president elect. He fits in to a “T”, being around his “own” Anthony Gipe’s partner at Olympic Law Group, Dennis McGlothin is under investigation for serious conduct violations with the WSBA. It has been more than once Mr. Anthony Gipe partners with criminals and tries to hide behind their crimes by playing innocent. In my opinion, Anthony Gipe is no different than Lindsey Thomson and/or Dennis McGlothin. It’s a disgrace to the citizens of this state that Anthony Gipe will be representing our legal community.

    1. I predict, within my lifetime, the WA State Bar will go bankrupt and lawyers will be regulated by non-lawyers and life in WA State will be changed for the better.

  12. I have dealt the receiving blows of Dennis McGlothin for over 14years. He abuses the system, has his clients lie, has been arrested for impersonating an officer to solicit sex with young boys and yet he advertises himself as a guardian ad litem -why he is still practicing law and not behind bars is an outrage!

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