1. Jan Angel, despite her oath to uphold the constitution and laws….. has also chosen to turn-a-blind-eye. Jan Angel is clearly driven by her friendship with Jame Avery when they were both real estate agents and then when Avery became Kitsap County Assessor and Angel became Kitsap County Commissioner….

    The Bottom line, no legal obligation to citizens or the law will ever overcome the “friendships” and camaraderie public servants have towards one another.

    We, citizens are government’s play-toys.

  2. Kelly

    It is about time to see a website that you can read real things, the truth on what is going on in Washington state. Judges, attorneys and all of the people that think they are above the law and they are not. Hopefully more and more people will find this site and tell their story about what is really going on in Washington state.

    Scott Ellerby from Washington state has hurt many people, it needs to stop. Washington has so many issues along with all the other states.. It is sick that children are taken to make money, having no care of what the result will be. In Washington the court houses are crooked family services they kidnap to make money, the elderly lose their lives savings, homes all for Washington state to profit off of. Thank you corruptwa it is a blessing to have this site

  3. Joe

    Representative Kilmer cared little about a supreme court affirmed judgment against Driftwood Key club and their stated incorporated jurisdiction and then fraudulently restating their articles of incorporation after the ruling, neither did Russel Hauge, nor previous AG McKenna or current AG or even Governor Inslee. a court declared map that shows half their claimed jurisdiction nullified with a fraudulent restated articles of incorporation (felonies) liens on out of boundary properties, damaged and defaced titles for hundreds of properties, and nobody cares…. Welcome to Kitsap county…

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