1. Our society depends upon laws and the ‘fair and impartial’ adjudication of grievances. In practice, however, “fair and impartial” are concepts easily manipulated by the legal establishment — including judges — and perverts the “true” values of our society.

    RCW 4.40.010 states, “The common law, so far as it is not inconsistent with the Constitution and laws of the United States, or of the state of Washington nor incompatible with the institutions and condition of society in this state, shall be the rule of decision in all the courts of this state.

    It is in the “manipulation” by the legal establishment by selecting what ‘grievances’ are to be adjudicated or dismissed so as to “tailor” common law. In other words lawyers and judges ‘dismiss citizen grievances’ in order to manipulate the evolution of the common law.

    The case cited above Scheidler v Ellerby is “FACT”. Had this case gone to trial and NOT DISMISSED it would have contributed to the COMMON LAW that would better define the lawyers obligations and his conduct in dealing with his client, the WSBA, the legal system itself. “.

    The decision to dismiss this case rather than let it go to trial is the legal establishment’s MANIPUlATION of the “Common Law” for the “professions” benefit, and it becomes the new “NORM”. And this new NORM has been “invented” by the “good ol boys club” NOT society (as a trial by a jury would do). THIS is a disgrace. IT HAS PERVERTED OUR ‘COMMON LAW.”

    Citizens NEED to have their grievances that involve government and or quasi government conduct heard and NOT DISMISSED. Not only because citizens have a constitutional right to be heard, but also for the benefit of the common law and society in general.

    Please address this “fraud upon citizens” by the legal profession. Please establish a “citizen oversight” mechanism to handle “grievances” citizens have against the “legal establishment”

    If “ONE LEGAL DECISION” forms our “COMMON LAW” than those cases that are dismissed through prejudice or bias, pervert our common laws.

  2. The Washington state bar was specifically designed 0NLY to generate money from the people, who are forced to attend these criminals’ self-styled corrupt “justice courts,*(sic, NO JUSTICE HERE) .Therefore, the bar association deliberately, arrogantly and criminally dismisses all complaints, which indeed furthers their fraudulent and untrustworthy goals of continuing to thieve, destroy and drain every last dime from the people because they are very ill, miserable failures without their corrupt system. This also gives them exaggerated, fraudulent power as they are treating their victims as doormats, flunkeys, as they screw them and their families into utter annihilation. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT, LAWYERS ARE THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA .



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